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  1. In 2014, Kickstarter funding surpassed $1 billion dollars USD from over 14 million pledges by more than 6 million individuals internationally
  2. Kickstarter's largest hit to date is Coolest Cooler, a portable and highly innovative cooler that attracted $13.2m 
  3. Kickstarter's second largest hit to date is Pebble, an electronic watch that attracted $10.2m
  4. The Reading Rainbow campaign boasts the most backers, with 105,857 people pledging $5.4m

We Believe:
  1. When the Pet Rock ($1.5 million)Pebble Watch ($10.2 Million)Citizen Star ($8 Million)Veronica Mars ($5 Million) projects can be successes, so can you. 
  2. Crowd Funding is a skill and craft that can be learned and mastered. (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Networking, Cloud and Crowd Computing and Creativity). 
  3. It doesn't matter if your Crowdfunding Campaign achieved its Funding Goal or not, you can and must continue to try! Crowdfunding is more than just a way to raise money for your idea!
  4. A CrowdFunding campaign connects you with the donors and other resources that are usually worth much more than the raised capital.
  5. CrowdFunding should be taught in schools “Adding the Value and Teaching the skills that matter most in the Marketplace.” 
  6. Most baby boomers will have to "invent" their Jobs. CrowdFunding is a sure fire method to create high-wage and high-skilled jobs.

Our Goal and Mission:
  1. Collaborate, Design and Deploy educational media to make Crowd Funding Campaign's more attractive, quicker and scale-able.
  2. Promote CrowdFunding Campaigns and Communities.
  3. Educating CrowdFunding Communities (Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Investors, The Public, Media and Regulatory bodies) on CrowdFunding Technology, Trends, Initiatives, Regulations and Best Practices - CrowdSourcing.
  4. Developing portals to assist, educate and support Crowd Funding communities through websites, Video conferencing, Social media, Cloud Workshops, Webinars, Conferences and Events - CloudSourcing.
  5. Educating CrowdFunding communities and the public in identifying and reporting fraud in the CrowdFunding industry - CrowdPolicing.
  6. Providing cloud , crowd tools and networking opportunities to connect with CrowdFunding professionals in the industry - ExpertSourcing.
  7. Broadcasting , advocating for the growth of a collaborative and dynamic CrowdFunding industry in the United States - Create Jobs.
  8. Build and deploy CrowdFunding educational portals, business technology and marketing applications through Google Cloud technology as a means of super-charging innovation at a global scale, empowering the Crowd Funding Community.