CrowdFunding Mentors
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Crowdfunding Mentors is a specialized member community designed specifically for experts in CrowdFunding and experts in related industries who are dedicated to giving entrepreneurs and innovators the knowledge and “know-how” to succeed. This mentor community focuses its members on the continued growth of the crowdfunding industry, individual professional growth, and a sustained growth of the economy in general through innovation. Mentors will be educated based on CrowdFunding Planning's program and currently you can provide promotional services to your reward-based crowdfunding clients or clients that we assign for you. We will act as the your "back office" providing guaranteed analytical services you need to enhance your client's online footprint.

Within our community, we have subdivided our members into easily searchable expert categories based on their area of expertise and knowledge. This community offers the latest news & reports on crowdfunding, and access to the expertise of it’s members in open share platforms.

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