EMBRACE+, a Smart Piece of Wearable Technology

posted Apr 30, 2013, 1:08 PM by Sallar Khorram
The EMBRACE+ keeps you informed, while your smartphone stays in your pocket or purse!

    Nowadays smartphones affect every aspect of our personal and professional lives. We use it for organizing, planning and interacting with each other. But our busy lives require us to focus on work, activities and  obligations. We are afraid we miss important calls, messages, and reminders. We become restless and lack concentration on almost anything while we keep checking our phones. It happens to us every day all the time. With the EMBRACE+, those days are over!

    The EMBRACE+ is a smart piece of wearable technology that alerts you to changes in your environment. Through a combination of visual and tactile cues, the EMBRACE+ gives you the information you want to know - while your smartphone stays in your pocket or purse. It brings a smart and subtle change to our daily lifestyle as it keeps us connected to our phone no matter what we are doing, when we are doing it, and where we are at.
    Through a simple set-up of some basic parameters on the smartphone you already have, the EMBRACE+ will show you want you want, and when you want to know it. What it shows, how it displays your information, and how frequently you see the information is completely up to you.