These Services are expressly designed for CrowdFunding Campaign Owners with little or no Campaign Marketing, We do not have 'packages' because every campaign is unique and requires a unique approach and marketing plan.

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A. Low Cost Startup Services 


B. Professional Services  

You need a relevant and targeted crowd to fund your idea. 
Your promotional and marketing investments will empower your project & brand, before, throughout and after your 
CrowdFunding campaign. 

List of our Comprehensive CrowdFunding Promotional Services:
  • Crowd and Community Building Services:
    • Your Social Media accounts Setup and Customization 
      • Google +
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • YouTube
      • Pinterest
      • LinkedIn
      • and Others
    • Building and Developing your Social Media Accounts and strategy
      • Twitter -  Load up with relevant followers
      • Facebook -  Load up with  relevant likes 
      • Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest followers
    • Your Social Media accounts Management and Moderation
      • Respond to inquiries
      • Add  posting 
        • Relevant news
        • Relevent contents ( contests, picture,  blogs, video)
      • Manage and ad Likes, retweets, follower,friends, .... etc.
      • Email collections and email database
      • Community building  
    • Promoting you through our Social Media channels - Your campaign  Promotion
      • Call for action headlines, hyperlink and analytic development - 50 to 80 headlines
      • Headline postings and scheduling in Crowd Funding Planning Social Media accounts (G+. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,... Etc.. 200K+)
      • Headline postings and scheduling in your Social Media accounts G+. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,... Etc.. 20K+)
      • Relevant news postings in your Social Media accounts (G+. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,... Etc.. 20K+)
    • Google business solution deployment (cloud storage, desktop applications)
    • CrowdFunding landing page and  website design and development 
    • Video content creation and YouTube Promotion Services
      • Campaign video script and story book
      •  Video content upload, optimization and  boost views
    • Social Media Training Program
      • A full spectrum consultation and training regiment that can tactically examine  your Social Media accounts

C. Customized services

  • CrowdFunding SoftLaunch development - Pre CrowdFunding concept validation and promotion
  • CrowdFunding HardLaunch development - Crowdfunding - pre order website
    • ( sample
  • CrowdFunding Campaign Relaunch development 
  • Email Marketing setup and management
    • Co Create and Edit E-mail campaigns
    • Create  Email Html  code 
    • Create and Edit content for individual campaigns
    • Manage your CrowdFunding subscriber lists and individual subscribers
    • Build back links, hyper link and call for action buttons 
    • Produce analytic for your past e-mail campaigns including
      • Delivery rate
      • E-mail bounce rate
      • Click-through rate within the individual campaigns
      • And more...
    • Twitter and Facebook login button - Create Email database bank
  • Reputation monitoring and Management
    • Promote positive content to enhance the brand
    • Automated persistent  reputation monitoring
    • Automated persistent  online conversation monitoring
    • Automated  response strategy
    • Creating an Intranet private website  to grab searches
    • Constant proactive press releases, news, articles, and conversations delivered on relevant and  various points of influence
  • Internet Marketing Services and link building service (SEO)
  • Creative and Brand Identity Services
    • Brand: Develop a brand promise, mission statement, corporate identity, logo and design, as well as perform research to ensure your relevant and target audience
    • Bundle Design: Through thorough detail research of your industry, we will design, innovate and implement a unique marketing plan that lets your product stand out among the competition.
    • Event guidance: We can provide guidance throughout your physical and social media event planning process to enforce the best strategies
    • Advertising: We’re experienced in creating a variety of web and printed marketing materials that are guaranteed to get attention and attract new followers,backers and investors
    • Online Presentation: Create websites and landing pages to create a lasting impression for your CrowdFunding project and Campaign
  • Content development and Press Release
    • Research it: We research the topic and automate the search process and daily content delivery for you  for you. This could be used for your  article or  announcement or enriching your blog posting.
    • Create It: Write an article or  announcement about your CrowdFunding project or campaign. This could be before or during your campaign and for a product, services  or event.
    • Optimize It: Turn your article or  announcement release into a search marketing asset with Add keywords  and hyperlinks, video and pictures to target your ideal  followers, backers or investors  on search engines. ( Website links,  video and photos to attract more attention)
    • Distribute It: We will deliver your story (article or  announcement) to every major search engine, national news sites, and 30,000+  journalists and bloggers — generating  branding, visibility and buzz for your business.
  • Branding building services
    • Build significant brand awareness
    • Virally market your products and services
    • Generate dramatic traffic to your website
    • Get instant feedback from your customers to improve your offerings
  • On demand consulting 
  • Promote your CrowdFunding with Video Promotion 

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