How To Find Freelance Sports Writing Jobs Easily

Have you ever thought about turning your love for sports into a money-making opportunity? If yes, you’re in the right place. All you need is to get all the necessary tools required to work as a full-fledged freelance writer and start hunting for writing jobs.

There are freelance writing jobs for individuals in the sports niche. And since there are numerous sports to write about, rest assured that an excellent opportunity to secure jobs and earn a higher than average salary is possible for you. Here are easy ways to find online writing and editing jobs for sports.

Assess your interests and skills level

What type of sports do you enjoy writing? Do you have in-depth knowledge of the said sport? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. The answers you provide will help you figure out where you belong.

Now let’s go a bit further. If you are a football enthusiast, you need to know that being a fan and writing about football are two entirely different things. Football has its terminologies. So, whenever you are writing articles about football, in general, or previewing teams before a match, you need to incorporate these terminologies.

However, if you don’t have sound knowledge of a sport, it will be challenging to provide killer articles when you eventually secure writing jobs. But the reverse is the case when you have sound knowledge and can also use the required terminologies in your articles appropriately.

In summary, you need to assess your sports writing skills and knowledge before you start hunting for online writing jobs in the niche.

Visit sports magazines and platforms

Besides BBC sports, there is a myriad of blogs and websites out there that do sports. Most of them focus on diverse sports, so they may need quality writers, particularly writers that can add value to their platforms.

So, let’s assume you have the required skills and knowledge, and you are confident of excelling as a sports writer. If that’s the case, your next step should be to identify platforms that would value your skills.

There are myriads of sports magazines and websites out there. You need to find them and pitch your idea. It will also make sense if you have previous samples to offer. Maybe, samples posted on other high authority blogs as guest posts or your blog.

But before you start pitching your idea or knocking on the doors of clients, consider creating a long list of sports platforms and magazines. After that, you need to go through each platform and figure out what you can do differently or how you can add value to their business.


There are numerous sports writing jobs out there. What you need is to figure out how to locate them and score a spot. Most of them might not even be displaying adverts for a vacancy. But the thing is, if you have an idea that would transform any business, the owners might be ready to add you to their team. So, go out there and hunt for sports writing jobs in your chosen sports.