Best Sites For Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Finding an online writing job is a good thing any writer desires to have. But where do you find such great deals! Finding a good writing job site is sometimes challenging even to the experienced of the biggest problem freelancer go through is finding a legitimate and well-paying job. Some sites may have turf tasks that make it difficult to rip a coin from your sweat.

Where do you get the best paying freelance job? Fortunately, there are various legitimate sites which can offer you the best freelancing jobs. Here are some places where you can get the best paying job.


Flexjobs is a top writing site where you can create a customized searchable profile to attract clients. On the site, you specify your job category, number of working hours, and your availability.

You can also set an alert for the job that matches your experience.


SolidGigs is a unique job board platform that offers you hours for souring assignments. The site handpicks jobs from the best clients around the world and segments them into weekly emails and remote work tasks.

Weekly opportunities for writers

Sania Weiser’s every week’s email is becoming a primary site for freelance writers across the globe. She provides a collection of useful resources and tools across social websites and converts them into week emails. She gives both freelance writing opportunities alongside career advice. You can also get information on how some sites pay from her weekly emails.

Carol tice’s membership site

The site is more than the other usual job board platforms. With the site, you can access a collection of essential resources for writing. You will get access to the boot camps and other many forums for getting a solution to your questions. The job team from the Carols site provides two job postings per week in their junk-free job board.

ProBlogger job board

Darren Rowser created this site where most experienced writers meet. The job listed on this site comes from serious employers who understand what they need.

Behance creative job

Adobe powers the job board site. The site is a creative site for writers who wish to showcase their writing skills. With the site, you will find serious companies that search for freelancers to hire. The site allows you to quickly develop and upload a portfolio that makes you attractive and visible to recruiters. You can share your past project where your employer can easily view it hiring.


Mediabestro is the best site for media freelancers. The site is rich in tools and resources that you can use to navigate through your freelance career. From the site, you will access a collection of tasks from TV, marketing PR, magazine among other social media fields

Morning coffee newsletter

The site generates this weekly update newsletter, which complies collections of writing gigs with a variety of top categories. You can find editing and other writing jobs from the site. Whether you are a seasoned writer or beginning a career, you will have access to the postings. You don’t need to waste yourself scouring from multiple job boards. The newsletter will do it for you and bring the best into your inbox.

Who pays writers?

Who pays writers is a collection of publications that pay freelancers for their task. You will not only access the paying books but also get information about their payment rates. The site offers the best search services for freelancers to learn about payment terms and the publications that need submissions.

There are various sites where you can get direction and information about the best freelance best-paying jobs. You can go through the list and learn more about them.

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